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October 2nd – October 5th

Next week is the North Attendance District College Go! Week.  This special week is designed to get kids excited about college and careers beyond high school.  Your child will receive a Learn More magazine.  Please take a moment to read this with your child, and discuss the information from this great resource.

To celebrate College Go! Week, we have planned a few special dress days!

Monday, October 2ndSTAY IN THE GAME:  Students can wear sports team attire (ex. T-shirts, jerseys, sweats, and hats).

Tuesday, October 3rd – DRESS FOR SUCCESS:  Students may dress as the profession they would like to be when they get older.

Wednesday, October 4th – Wear a COLLEGE T-SHIRT DAY!

Thursday, October 5th- IT ALL STARTS NOW!  - Vogel School Spirit Day! Plan to wear your favorite Vogel School t-shirt.

One of the EVSC's kindergarten through sixth grade schools, Vogel Cardinals R.O.C.K. (Respectful-On Task-Cooperative-Kind). A highlight of the school is the Vogel Olympics, supported by the school's active PTA. After sixth grade, Vogel students will attend North Jr. High School for grades seven and eight, then move to North High School.

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