Phone Policy, Calls and Messages

Students are not allowed cell phones in class and are advised to leave them and any other personal electronic devices at home. If cell phones are brought to school they must stay in the student's locker. If a student is caught with Phone Calls and Messagesa phone or another electronic device they will be asked to give it to the teacher and parents may be asked to come and pick it up or it may be sent home at the end of the day.


Telephone calls to the schools for the purpose of delivering messages to the pupils and teachers are disruptive to the educational process and will be given consideration in emergency situations only.  Please determine if the information is necessary or if it can be given at a more convenient time.


Students may receive teacher permission to use a phone in the office or use the teacher's school classroom phone for necessary contacts.


Teachers may also be contacted via IP phones by dialing (812) 477-6109 and the teacher's extension number.  Teacher's classroom phones will be on Do Not Disturb during class time.  However, you may still call the number and leave a voice message that will be transferred to the teacher's email. Teachers will return calls as soon as possible.  Teachers are available for phone calls after school and during their individual plan periods.