Dress Code


Vogel School students have a fine record of being neat, clean, and well dressed. No doubt with the cooperation of teachers, parents, and students this will be maintained.

1. Shirts must be at least 3 finger tip wide at the strap. No spaghetti straps are allowed.

 2. Shoes must have a back to them. No flip flops or soccer slides are allowed.

3. Shorts and Skirts must be of a length that when a student holds their arms at their side that the tips of their fingers reach the bottom of the short or skirt. Students in their dress and grooming must recognize the necessity for health, safety, cleanliness, and modesty at all times.

 4. Jeans, pants, shorts, shirts, and any other clothing item must be free of rips and tears. The wearing of apparel that has on it any writing, printing, symbols, or pictures that is judged by the building administrator of the school to be immoral, lewd, vulgar, or is suggestive and/or implies sex, drugs, alcohol, violence, or other subjects disruptive to the normal operation of the school is prohibited.

 5. Appropriate dress and personal grooming will be required of each student as a vital part of maintaining the educational environment. Modes of grooming or styles which detract from a good teaching/learning situation are not acceptable. The building administrator shall determine what is inappropriate and may send a student home to correct the problem. Extremes shall be avoided in all areas of dress and grooming.