Speech and Language

speechAt anytime during the school year, possible speech therapy students can be referred by the teacher or a parent can make a request for a speech teacher to screen their child.  After the screening, if therapy may be needed, the parent will receive an evaluation consent that needs to be signed and returned to school.  After that is received, testing can begin.  When testing is completed, the parent is sent a notification for a case conference.  At that time, testing and recommendations will be discussed.  If the parent agrees then they must sign a consent page and after that has all been completed therapy with the child can begin. 
Normally the student comes to speech two times a week for 20 minutes each session.  Scheduling may differ from child to child.  These students could work on their articulation skills, vocabulary building, syntax skills, fluency, and/or auditory memory.  What we work on are the areas that the child has trouble with as indicated by the testing.  During the school year, they have homework papers to do for speech just like classroom homework.  This “homework” practice helps reinforce the skills we work on in speech class and is very helpful in what progress the child makes in the year.
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