Vision, Mission and Beliefs

cardinals rockVogel Cardinals R.O.C.K.Cardinal's ROCK
(Respectful, On Task, Cooperative, Kind)

Our Mission:
At Vogel School, we strive to cooperate and collaborate with colleagues, children, families, and other community members to ensure all children are safe, feel welcome, and are provided engaging instruction that utilizes best practices for learning.

Our Vision:
Increased engagement through use of best practices and writing across all disciplines.

Vogel School provides a child oriented learning environment that ensures curricular experiences that are both engaging and meaningful. Realizing the goal of confident independent learning is the priority of the school community.

We believe:
• Every person is important and is entitled to respect, understanding, and appreciation.

• Every person is entitled to a safe, caring, learning environment.

• The core business of schools is to ensure that every student, every day is provided challenging, engaging, and satisfying work.

• Education is the shared responsibility of everyone- the home, the school, and the community.